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Richer By The Day Book
About The Author

Pastor BaileyAs the author of Richer By The Day, Pastor Bailey shares how God desires you to walk into your wealthy place. Pastor Bailey gives you a practical guide on how you can use your gift(s) to become Richer By The Day. Richer By The Day will inspire you to not stand idle with your gift(s) and propel you into the material blessing of Abraham.

Blessed with a ministry (priest) and marketplace (king) anointing, Pastor Michael Bailey is the founder of Michael T. Bailey Ministries, International and the founding Pastor of Trinity Stone Christian Fellowship Center. He is the host of the Leaders of Faith podcast show where he inspires, motivates, and empowers nations through preaching the Word of God!

In the marketplace, Pastor Bailey is an inspiring speaker and serial entrepreneur that loves, and has a passion for, people and what he does. With over 21 years of experience providing web design, software development, and marketing services, Pastor Bailey brings added value to organization and only does business God's way.

Pastor Bailey owns and operates Mighty Men Of Valour Institute, BeBlessed Publishing, Inspired By Faith Broadcast, WeDiversify, College Gospel Choirs, The Christian Entrepreneur, OnEdge Elite Fitness, and Studio 818 By IM Michael Bailey respectively.

Pastor Bailey is a proud father of 3 beautiful children and is an alum of The Living Word School of Ministry, has a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Business School, an M.S. from the DePaul University College of Computing and Digital Media, and a B.A. from The Ohio State University College of Humanities.