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About Us
LaRecia Ziegler`s Calling: God has called me to help his people that they be set free. (Free from guilt, shame Hurt and unforgiveness etc.) I am to make his way known unto men. I am called to feed God`s people spiritually and physically. I am to present to God a church that follows after Christ, holy and acceptable in all their ways. With that being said I am here to preach the gospel, preach healing, deliverance and salvation to all. My first priority is the salvation of souls as it is not God`s will for one souls to be lost.

LaRecia Ziegler: Bio
LaRecia Ziegler accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior in 2005. She was baptized in the name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit. She has been trained in ministry for several years and has accepted her calling as pastor and has graduated from the Living Word School of Ministry and Mission in 2017. LaRecia presently lives in Chicago Illinois and is currently growing her ministry `Zion`s Bread of Life Ministries.` LaRecia has a ministry of healing, deliverance and salvation along with an outreach ministry. In the outreach ministry, she goes out with volunteer ministers and feeds, pray for & ministers to the people in the Englewood Community and in shelters. LaRecia is looking forward to expanding her ministry beyond Illinois.

Zion`s Bread of Life Ministries Mission Statement:
Our missions is to rebuild foundations, restore relationships, build communities, people and nations.

How All Things LaRecia was created
LaRecia Ziegler had a love for hair even as a little girl. She started out oiling her Auntie`s scalp. At the age of 10 she began to comb and style her own hair. From there, LaRecia graduated from Capri Beauty College on the South, West side of Chicago. In 2012 LaRecia had a second brain tumor removed. After the surgery her scalp was very dry and itchy. Her face had become very sensitive to haircare and skincare products. LaRecia committed to creating her own all natural haircare and skincare products to remedy her skin problems.

LaRecia became a Beauty Consultant and soon found out she was a natural at doing make up. She also attended the International Academy of Design and Technology for 3 years studying Fashion Merchandising. It also happens that LaRecia had another love, writing. She wrote poems and entered the Young Authors contest in middle school. She found that she had a real gift for expressing herself on paper. LaRecia decided to take her gift of writing and has written and completed 2 books. LaRecia`s books are designed to help people heal and form a relationship with God. With all that being said, All Things LaRecia website was created to minister to people and touch the heart of the people through the word of God, the beauty industry and writing, thus the slogan `Encouraging hearts one book, one product and one platform at a time.`

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